PerformanceTest 11 Version History


V11.0 Build 1016 - 9th/July/2024

  • Fixed possible BSOD on Ryzen Zen 4 chipsets when reading ECC MSR registers
  • Fixed possible BSOD when running program on a VM in Windows 11

V11.0 Build 1015 - 18th/June/2024

  • Fixed BSOD when reading Skylake-SP CPUBUSNO MSR
  • Fixed DDR4/DDR5 memory reported as "Unknown" in System Information
  • Added warning if not running PT as admin

V11.0 Build 1014 - 12th/April/2024

  • Additional fixes for BSOD when trying to get memory timings on some AMD systems
  • Fixed incorrect clock speed detection for various Intel chipsets
  • Fixed incorrect memory timings for various Intel and AMD chipsets

V11.0 Build 1013 - 2nd/April/2024

  • Fixed BSOD when trying to get memory timings on some AMD systems
  • Fixed unable to start correctly error when running DX11 test
  • GPU Compute, Changed to prevent attempting to use 'OpenGL Compatibility Pack', which caused oclParticles to fail

V11.0 Build 1012 - 26th/March/2024

  • Dropped support for PerformanceTest 32-bit

V11.0 Build 1011 - 21st/March/2024

  • Advanced Mem, Display and save memory timings to results
  • Baseline Manager, Search results will return Mac/Linux Baselines
  • Baseline Manager, Able to load Linux and Mac Baselines, System Information will be lacking (not much collected on PT Linux/Mac) but CPU & Memory results can be viewed
  • Baseline Manager, Changed to sort results by passmark rating for 'Find Same CPU/GPU/CPU+GPU' presets
  • Scripting, Added support for running 4KQD1 disk subtest with DI_4KQD1 for RUN option
  • Scripting, Renamed parameter DI_RANDOM to DI_32KQD20 for RUN option
  • Scripting, Removed G2D_COMPLEX & G3D_DX9_COMPLEX parameters from RUN option
  • System Info, Obtain and display memory timings
  • System Info, Fixed issue where last baseline column was a lot smaller compared to the rest initially
  • System Info, Fixed issue with 'System Information' title clipping with the listview
  • GPU Compute, ARM, Fixed issue where tests failed to run on ARM64 machines
  • Updated traditional chinese localization

V11.0 Build 1010 - 21st/February/2024

  • Updated Microsoft Store version of PerformanceTest

V11.0 Build 1009 - 1st/February/2024

  • GPU Compute, Changed to prevent running on OpenClOn12 platform (Windows Store App OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack)
  • Fixed issue in preferences window where drive under test is incorrect when running on USB
  • Fixed up Advanced Network Testing Export/Graphing options when running more that one test stream
  • Fixed possible crashes when running in non-English localization
  • Various localization UI fixes
  • Updated Chart Data

V11.0 Build 1008 - 23rd/November/2023

  • Fixed crash when running disk tests on Windows 7

V11.0 Build 1007 - 26th/October/2023

  • Further BSOD system crash fixes for certain Lenovo systems
  • Fixed text overflow on some test suite buttons when using German localization

V11.0 Build 1006 - 17th/August/2023

  • Fixed possible BSOD system crash while attempting to collect RAM SPD data via PCIe registers on a small number of machines. Trigger conditions is combination of Window patch levels and BIOS security settings. New Lenovo laptops with Intel CPUs seem to be the main machines impacted.
  • Fixed text being cutoff in the 'Save as new baseline' window when using non-English localization
  • Fixed some Chinese translations

V11.0 Build 1005 - 8th/August/2023

  • Fixed crash when collecting system information on AMD 19h machines
  • Fixed crash when collecting system information if "Enhanced Windows biometric security" setting is enabled in BIOS - see here for more info
  • Fixed some Traditional Chinese translations

V11.0 Build 1004 - 31st/July/2023

  • Fixed issue where DirectIO driver may not load with multiple instances of the same app or when other PassMark apps are running concurrently
  • Disable loading legacy DirectIO driver on Win10/11 to prevent 'A driver cannot load on this device' error
  • Dropped support for 32-bit DirectIO driver, running 32-bit verion of PerformanceTets will not have temperature monitoring and less system information gathered
  • (Advanced DB Benchmark) Fixed the issue where test fails half-way due to the reason of lost server connection (happens on slow machines)
  • Fixed issue where if Test Iterations field was disabled on open, it could not be re-enabled

V11.0 Build 1003 - 28th/June/2023

  • (Advanced DB Benchmark) Fixed the issue where test fails half-way due to the reason of lost server connection (happens on slow machines)
  • (Manage Baselines) Fixed 'recently selected' and 'bookmarks' tabs data not not loading when reopening PT
  • Added check when opening preferences window from the 3D main page
  • (3D Mark - GPU Compute) Removed check that was blocking NBody subtest from running in PT ARM
  • (3D Mark - GPU Compute) Removed OpenCL check from PT ARM (so it should use the DirectX version of NBody instead)
  • (CPU - Extended Instructions) Included a Basic/C++ subtest (similar to PTLinux/Mac) - score will not count towards average unless all other tests fail to run
  • (CPU - Extended Instructions) Fixed issue where NEON extended instructions subtest was run twice
  • Fixed issue where license data was reset when installing new versions of PT ARM

V11.0 Build 1002 - 2nd/June/2023

  • Fixed issue where PerformanceTest was not loading on Windows 7 machines
  • Fixed tooltips to display SMBIOS info if SPD is unavailable
  • Fixed bug where the name of the Memory Modules on "Your RAM vs loaded baselines" was not displaying the memory name of some modules
  • Fixed Snapdragon Compute Platform/Windows Dev Kit 2023 special case
  • Fixed possible crash when displaying system summary
  • Fixed possible bug where Tested Disk was incorrectly set in the uploaded baseline file
  • Added check for missing OpenCl device drivers and warn user if not found
  • (Memory - Database Operations) Made changes so scores between different test durations should now be more consistant
  • Advanced Database Benchmark:
    • Added an index to one of the tables to fix SQLite slow SELECT query issue
    • Added a new field to display client-server network latency
    • Added Client Server Latency to uploaded benchmark file for display on web
    • Added missing DLL files required on some versions of Windows 10
    • Added support to collect SQL Server and PostgreSQL server info
    • UI adjustment for better display dialog on low res screens

V11.0 Build 1001 - 4th/May/2023

  • Baseline management - fixed a bug preventing V11 baselines from being downloaded correctly
  • Fixed display issue where some AMD Videocards where displaying their Compute Device Name instead of Product Name in Advanced GPU Tests
  • Fixed issue with NBody sub-test (GPU Compute) failing to run on some AMD videocards

V11.0 Build 1000 - 1st/May/2023

  • Score Rebalancing
    • Rebalanced PassMark rating calculation to lower the influence of 2D while trying to maintain a similar PassMark rating for an "Average" system
    • 3D Mark value calculation updated to take into account lower DX10/11 frames rates so 3D mark value is still comparable to V10
    • Disk Mark value calculation changed slightly to take into account higher possible sequential read/write test scores. The mark will remain similar to V10 but will likely be slightly higher on newer drives and lower on older drives
    • Baselines from older versions of PerformanceTest will have their DX10 & Dx11 results scaled down when displayed
    • Baselines from older versions of PerformanceTest will have their PassMark rating re-calculated when displayed
  • New Advanced Database Benchmark
    • Added new advanced database benchmark to test local and remote databases (SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server). This runs a standardised test allowing both the comparison of the relative performance of different Database software and different comparison of different hardware / cloud platforms. The following databases are currently supported.
      MySQL 5.6/5.6/8.0
      MS SQL Server 2019
      PostgreSQL v15.1
      MariaDB v10​
    • Results can be optionally uploaded to our web site and saved in a baseline. Once we have sufficient data we'll start to publish some public DB benchmark comparison data.
  • Disk Tests
    • Increased block size for sequential read/write tests from 32KB to 128KB, this should lead to faster results for newer drives. Disk mark was rebalanced slightly so the mark will remain similar but will likely be slightly higher on newer drives and lower on older drives
  • 3D Tests
    • DX10 test, increased object count during test to 50 Islands, 250 Meteors which will results in a lower frame rate compared to V10
    • DX11 test, increased object count during test to 200 jellyfish which will results in a lower frame rate compared to V10
    • DX12 test, added a frame limit on the "warp" effect at start to try and prevent a "grid" being displayed on NVidia cards
  • CPU Tests
    • Added MatrixMultiply NEON test for ARM CPUs run during the SSE tests
    • Added a second page to the CPU test tiles, navigable with UP and DOWN arrows
    • Moved Cross-Platform Mark and Gaming Score to second page
    • Added Gaming Score as a tile to the CPU results, similar to Cross-Platform mark this is an aggregate of other tests
  • Advanced CPU Tests
    • Added DNN based face detection test
  • Advanced Disk Test
    • Added new "Marketing Performance" section with two sets of tests that matches/lines up with CrystalMark Peak Performance profile settings. A Read/Write of Sequential 1MB Block Size Queue 8 and moved Read/Write Random 4K Queue 32 to this section
    • User can specify number of iterations per test and choose to keep new or the best result
    • Added collected temperature measurements to the Export TAB/CSV/HTML results after running test
    • Adjusted resizing of test window
    • Fixed bug where latency was not calculated properly
  • Advanced Internet Speed Test
    • Adding manual calculation (SumRTT/CountRTT) of Avg Latency if "SmoothedRTT" is not set
  • Advanced Memory Test
    • Added a section on the main dialog to display the Latency test result instead of a pop up message box
    • Fixed some controls not being enabled/disabled correctly
  • Advanced Network Test
    • Added option for multiple simultaneous network tests from the same PerformanceTest client
    • Allow uploading of Advanced Network Test results to user's account (i.e. with API Key)
  • Advanced GPU Compute Test
    • Added new tests for single precision FP (FP32), double precision FP (FP64), integer, fast integer, device memory read and write
  • Manage Baselines
    • Users can Right-Click the column header in the baseline listview to select the fields they wish to displayed
    • Added tooltip to Header Row to display results units (e.g. MOps/Sec) for the tests result column
    • Added "Move Up/Move Down" right-click buttons to the Manage Baselines Currently Selected tab to allow display order to be chosen
  • User Interface
    • Added tooltip to baseline # containing system information
    • Added extended tooltip information with individual results for tests that run a number of sub tests
    • Updated 3D models being used, added different models for HDD/SSD/NVme
    • Added ARM CPU model
    • Video card colour will change to represent specific manufacturer
    • Check for current power mode on laptops and warn user (works on Windows 10 v1809 and beyond).
      Warning message pop up condition is:
      On battery:
      Win 10 & 11 - If not on the Best performance mode.
      Plugged in:
      Win 11 - If not on Balanced or Best performance mode
      Win 10 - If not on Better performance or Best performance mode
    • Added a check if the DirectIO driver failed to load when collecting temperatures to try and prevent an error box being displayed each time there was a temperature sample
    • Added a more informative error message when trying to use a key from a newer version of PT than the current one
  • Baseline Files
    • Added subtest results for tests to baseline ( SSE (CPU), encryption (CPU), single threaded (CPU), cross-platform (CPU), image filters (2D), direct 2D (2D) )
    • Added effective power mode

V11.0 Build 1002 - 25th/March/2024

  • Baseline Upload workaround from libcurl versions 8.4.0 to 8.6.0 (ssl connect error)
  • (Mac) - Command Line Performance Test now requires macOS 11.0 or later

V11.0 Build 1002 - 19th/October/2023

  • Added autorun command line argument "-bg" for running in the background

V11.0 Build 1001 - 31st/August/2023

  • Increased max thread count from 256 to 1024
  • (Mac) - Included NEON FMA subtest for Apple M1/M2 machines

V11.0 Build 1000 - 1st/May/2023

  • Updated version number to 11 to match current Windows release
  • Added extra timeout lengths based on test thread count to CPU test (30 seconds for >200, 60 seconds for >500)

V10.2 Build 1003 - 27th/June/2022

  • Removed '(TM)' and '(R)' from CPU names

V10.2 Build 1002 - 17th/March/2022

  • Fixed baseline uploading that was broken due to moving to a new webserver

V10.2 Build 1001 - 2nd/March/2022

  • Added support for locales other than English

V10.2 Build 1000 - 16th/December/2021

  • CPU Integer test, made some changes to the order of operations in the test. This should stop them being optimised away on non-windows builds
  • CPU Test results, changed how results (Prime, Compression, Encryption and Sorting tests) are saved in baseline/results files so they are the same as the windows version of PerformanceTest and can be more easily used to manually calculate the CPU/Memory mark

V10.1 Build 1005 - 20th/October/2021

  • Linux and Mac (command line tool): Added flag to enable debugging "-debug"
  • Mac (command line tool): Added ability to specify which test suite(s) to autorun "-r [1-3]" [CPU, Memory, All tests]

V10.1 Build 1004 - 27th/August/2021

  • Linux: Added ability to specify which test suite(s) to autorun "-r [1-3]" [CPU, Memory, All tests]

V10.1 Build 1003 - 26th/August/2021

  • Linux: Added autorun command line arguement "-r" for easier automation of testing process.

V10.1 Build 1002 - 11th/June/2021

  • Fixed problem generating upload checksum on Red Hat Linux

V10.1 Build 1001 - 3rd/May/2021

  • Added memory test suite for Linux and Mac
  • Memory Test scores are directly comparable with Windows Version

V10.1 Build 1000 - 3rd/March/2021

  • First stable release of Linux and Mac version of PerformanceTest CPU test suite
  • CPU tests and scores finalized

V10.0 (Beta) Build 1002 - 16th/February/2021

  • Initial release of Mac version with support for both x86 and ARM CPU's
  • Fixed some minor display errors
  • Fixed error that could cause encryption test to fail on some machines

V10.0 (Beta) Build 1001 - 29th/January/2021

  • Initial beta release of PerformanceTest for Linux systems as a command line utility
  • Support for both x86 and ARM CPU's (ARMv7 and ARMv8)
  • Only CPU tests available, remaining tests still in development.
  • Results and scores are preliminary and subject to change

Android V10.2 Build 1002 - 20th/April/2023

  • Updated Android SDK to 33. Required minimum API 22+
  • Other minor bug fixes/anr.

Android V10.2 Build 1001 - 12th/August/2022

  • Fixed crash on complex 3D test on ChromeOS version 103 and above.

Android V10.2 Build 1000 - 21st/January/2022

  • Updated Android SDK to 30.
  • Added ability for all tests in a Test Suite can be ran without running full benchmark.
  • Users can set an API key (Menu->Settings) to associate baseline uploads with an user account. A free API key can be obtained via PassMark website once an account is created online.
  • Updated CPU Test Suite to match changes on PerformanceTest on Windows:
    • Updated Crypto++ library version in use to 8.6, this should result in MUCH faster encryption results on ARM systems due increased use of available CPU instructions and slightly faster results on x86 systems. Previous library didn't use hardware acceleration on ARM.
    • Encryption Test, AES, made some changes to work with latest version of Crypto++. This was required because V8.6 of Crypto++ was much slower than previous releases unless memory buffer usage was also modified.
    • CPU Integer test, made minor changes to the order of ops.
  • Updated Icons and other minor bug fixes/anr.

V10.0 Build 1001 - 9th/February/2021

  • PerformanceTest Mobile V10 released for iOS
  • Fixed crashing on x86 Chromebooks during CPU encryption test

V10.0 Build 1000 - 29th/January/2021

  • PerformanceTest Mobile V10 (yes, we skipped some version numbers) has been updated to run the same CPU tests as the desktop PerformanceTest V10 software
  • The CPU Rating* (i.e. CPU Mark) can now be used to compare directly with other CPUs on website
  • *Note: ONLY CPU Tests are comparable cross-platform to other versions of PerformanceTest 10
  • Work on porting other test suites for cross-platform comparability is ongoing

Legacy Version History

Update history for PerformanceTest Windows versions 1 to 10 is available here: Legacy Windows Version History