File Fragmentation Tool

  • Versions: v1.0 (Build 1000)
  • Latest release date: 24 November 2009
  • Price: Free



Fragger has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

PassMark Fragger is a software tool that lets you fragment or defragment existing files in a controlled environment using user-selected settings. This utility is primarily used to benchmark the performance of third party defragmentation tools, or benchmark PC performance degradation due to file fragmentation. This software is unique to PassMark and is a world-first for fragmentation tools.

Passmark Fragger lets you:

  • Fragment or defragment individual files.
  • Control the number and size of fragments.
  • Control the position of fragments on the disk.
  • Fragment existing files without using additional free space.
  • Graphically view current fragmentation of a file.
  • View detailed information about individual files.
  • View cluster and cluster allocation information about the current volume.
  • Output ranges of free and used disk clusters in the current volume to a text file.

Fragger includes a built-in, searchable help file and an uninstaller.


PassMark Fragger uses standard file defragmentation APIs (introduced with Windows NT) to fragment and defragment files. As such, there should be a very low risk of any file corruption.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend keeping current backups of your files.