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PassMark WirelessMon - Screenshots

The main window:

Main Window with MetaGeek Wi-Spy: This shows the signal level is quite high on channel 1 even though there are no access points, the culprit appears to be a wireless video camera in an adjacent office.

Main Window with MetaGeek Wi-Spy

The map window:

Map tab showing signal map for channel 1 and MetaGeek Wi-Spy
Map ©2009 Google - Map data ©2009 AND, Europa Technologies, MapData Science Pty Ltd, PSMA, MapIT, Tele Atlas

The graph window:

WirelessMon graph tab

Animated GIF of 7 access points and their combined signal strength map

Signal strength map of 7 access points

Map © Universal Publishers Pty Ltd 2005

The Mini Window:

The WirelessMon window can be reduced to a 'Mini window" that appears as a overlay in the top right corner of your screen.

WirelessMon mini window

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