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Windows USB 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API)

USB 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API)

Linux USB 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API) Guide

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The free USB2 Application Programming Interface has been designed to allow access by third party programs to the PassMark USB 2.0 loop back plug. It provides several functions to communicate with the USB2 loop back plugs as an easy way to use the plugs without having to write any device driver or extra firmware code.

The API will allow software developers to integrate the USB test plug seamlessly into their own applications.

The* file contains:

The USB2 API can only be used with the PassMark USB 2.0 loop back plug.

*Please note that from version 2.0 of the USB 2.0 API, PassMark USB 2.0 loopback plug device driver 7.1.1001 (or later) must be used.

System Requirements

The API has been designed and tested to run on Windows XP SP3, 2003 server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 2008 Server. Other operating systems are not supported. The example source code and the DLL were build using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6. But any development language that can call a Windows DLL should be compatible.

* A program such as WinZip is required to uncompress these files.
* The Adobe PDF viewer is required to view these files.

Linux & Mac USB 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API) Guide

We have developed a tutorial package which demonstrates how to use the libusb library to communicate with USB 2.0 Loopback plugs in Linux. This package includes a manual plus some demonstration source code explaining the usage of functions in the library. This can also be used on Mac systems that have libusb installed.

You can download the latest copy of our Linux USB 2.0 API package from here.

System Requirements

Our Linux API tutorial package requires a Linux environment with the 1.0 version of libusb installed.

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