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Optical Drive Test Media (CD, DVD and BD)

High Quality Data CDs, Dual-Layer DVDs and Dual-Layer BDs for Testing CD, DVD and
Blu-ray Drives

PassMark Software are pleased to present the world's first test BD-ROM Blu-ray Discs as part of its Optical Drive Test Media set!

This optical drive test media set can be used to help diagnose, troubleshoot and load test your PC's Blu-ray Disc (BD) Drives, DVD Drives and CD Drives. The Optical Drive Test Media set contains a Test CD, a Test DVD and a Test BD. When used with the BurnInTest software package, you can:

  • Check that your CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives can read data and seek between files;
  • Benchmark the speed of your optical drives using a standardized disc;
  • Check that your CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives can read data at both extremities of the disc (the inner and outer edges);
  • Check every bit of data read from the CD, DVD and BD is 100% correct;
  • Check that your DVD drives can correctly read both the top and bottom layers of a dual layer DVD;
  • Check that your BD drives can correctly read both the top and bottom layers of a dual layer BD; and
  • Verify BD, DVD and CD drive transfer speeds.

The Test BD is a world first for the effective testing of Blu-ray Disc Drives. It is a dual-layer disc containing 50GB of test files.

The Test DVD is a DVD-9 which means that it is a single-sided double-layered disc offering 8.5GB of storage. The Test CD contains 700MB of data.

All discs are manufactured by pressing (not burning) because pressed discs offer a higher level of reflectivity compared to burnt discs. Higher reflectivity leads to higher reliability and less read errors.

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5 - 10 $117.10
11 or more $102.50

Each disc set contains one BD, one DVD and one CD test disc in three seperate, durable cases. These prices do not include shipping and do not include the BurnInTest Professional software.

How do they work?

These test discs contain a number of files which completely fill each disc. Each file contains a pre-determined sequence of binary data. This same data sequence has been programmed into BurnInTest so that when the disc is read each byte can be checked to see if it is the correct value. If an incorrect value is read, BurnInTest flags this as an error.


  • All test discs are region free.
  • All test discs contain no Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • The discs are compatible with all PC BD, CD and DVD drives.
  • The discs can be used with both the standard and professional versions of BurnInTest. Version 3.0 or above is required for use of the CD and DVD. Version 6.0 or above is required for use of the BD.
  • The discs are compatible with all versions of Windows (but you may also want to check the requirements for the BurnInTest software)
  • The CD and DVD discs can also be used with PerformanceTest (version 4.0 or above) to perform detailed CD and DVD drive benchmarking.

Note: Blu-ray is sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Blue-ray Disk", but Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the correct way to capitalize and spell this format.

Other notes

The CD is a CD-ROM and does not contain music data. Thus it can not be played on a normal Hi-Fi music CD player (That is to say, it is only suitable for use with computer PC CD players).

The DVD is a DVD-ROM and but does not contain video. Thus it can not be played on a normal DVD player connected to a television. It can only be used on a PC DVD player.

The BD is a BD-ROM and contains only data. It cannot be played in a normal Blu-ray video disc player connected to a television nor a PS3. It can only be used on a PC Blu-ray player.

None of the above media contains the BurnInTest software. The software must be downloaded from the BurnInTest page on this web site.

Optical Drive Test Media Product Code: PM015

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