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Metageek Wi-Spy Range

Analyze, Optimize and Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Networks

Now Shipping with the newly released Chanalyzer 5!

Metageek's Wi-Spy is a range of advanced high resolution spectrum analyzers which lets you quickly scan, analyze, troubleshoot and optimize your Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Spy is a compact USB device, which (when plugged into your computer) lets you:

  • Track all radio activity from Wi-Fi, cordless devices, microwave ovens, Zigbee, Bluetooth or many other devices.
  • Graphically represent 5GHz band channel activity in real-time and extra fine, high resolution.
  • Optimize your network by knowing which channels to use and avoid.
  • Locate and identify possible sources of interference in Wi-Fi, home audio systems and wireless sensor networks.

From IT professionals deploying wireless networks in an enterprise environment, to wireless enthusiasts and home users who want to pinpoint sources of interference on their home network - Wi-Spy is an effective and affordable solution for anyone involved in the maintainence or deployment of wireless networks.

For more information on a particular Wi-Spy model or antenna, please see the individual product pages linked in the Model Comparison table below.

Wi Spy DBx Product Code: PM074
Wi Spy DBx with Chanalyzer 5, Report Builder, and WirelessMon Pro bundle Product Code: PM040PRO
Directional Antenna Product Code: PM058

Wi-Spy Model Comparison

 Metageek Wi-Spy Range Product Information Unit price $AUD (inc. GST) Buy
Wi-Spy DBx Spectrum Analyzer with Chanalyzer 5 plus BONUS WirelessMon ProCovers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
Chanalyzer 5 (1 year MetaCare)
BONUS WirelessMon Pro

Wi-Spy DBx Spectrum Analyzer with Chanalyzer 5 and Report Builder plus BONUS WirelessMon ProCovers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
Chanalyzer 5 (1 year MetaCare)
Report Builder
BONUS WirelessMon Pro

Wi-Spy DBxCovers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
Note: This product does not come bundled with any software.

Device Finder - 2.4GHz Directional AntennaA high quality 2.4Ghz directional antenna for Chanalyzer 5
Designed by Metageek to work specially with the Wi-Spy DBx

The best solution for troubleshooting wireless networks is the Wi-Spy DBx which analyzes all access points using the 802.11a/b/g/n standards.

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