Product Code PM014
Dimensions Total length: 330mm ± 0.5mm
Plug length: 14mm ± 0.5mm
Plug diameter: 3.5mm
Conductors American wiring gauge: 26(10/0.12)x2F. 0.43mm diameter with a resistance of 0.0480 ohms per foot.
Insulation: PBC, 1.0mm diameter
Shielding Spiral shield: Bare copper wire, 30/0.10
Sheath Material: PVC
Colour: Black


These cables connect the Audio Out port to the Line In port of your sound card

Software Compatibility

BurnInTest: Utilizing the Sound Test in BurnInTest, the loopback cable can be used to measure the distortion between audio input and audio output.

SoundCheck: Create perfectly formed test tones and loop them back into your sound card to look for distortion using the audio loopback cables.